Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lithops Releaf-a-Rama in Full Swing!

Lithops aren't the most dynamic plants in the nursery. They mostly just...sit there looking pretty. And weird. But once they get into their regeneration cycle, there's just no stopping them. It's Releaf-a-Rama!

Lithops Re-leafing Party
 The change can happen very quickly. The old plant looks dull, faded, a little wrinkly, as though it's not really paying attention to anything. That is deceptive. Within just five minutes, they can POP! and new leaves appear, looking fresh, colorful, and lively. It literally took just five minutes in the sun for this particularly enthusiastic Lithops to come out:

Lithops grow and change mostly at night. I suppose releafing can be an exception.  All this sunny growth reminded me of my favorite Haitian painter, Levoy Exil, and I painted a sun in his distinctive style to mark the start of growth season:

Le Soleil (Hommage a Levoy Exil), MR, 2013
  Hope your week is going well, and see you for the Weekend News for Lithops!


  1. Lithops are fascinating to watch when they change leaves. And new leaves have the surprise of new leaf patterns. What a wonderful sun you've painted there. :)

  2. It's definitely the most exciting time of the year for a Lithops-keeper, that's for sure. And it's true, the new leaves might not look like the old. I've no idea why, maybe the DNA expresses itself variably, depending on water levels, nutrition, and so on? Glad you like the sun painting!

  3. Our lithops must be in synch, because mine are pushing out new leaves, too!

  4. That's terrific, Elly, you'll have to post a photo!