Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lithops Regeneration: Lithops Inspire Art!

I've been teaching and coaching pretty much forever, it seems, but my two favorite subjects have always been creative writing and art. I particularly love working with people who have very little confidence in their artistic abilities, because they are always wrong, and I get a real buzz when they realize how creative they truly are. Lithops are inherently artistic and creative. Mine are mostly in regeneration/re-leafing mode now:

L dorotheae and L. julii in Regeneration Mode

I find them quite inspiring, so I wasn't at all surprised when one of my young students gifted me a beautiful ceramic sculpture he named "Spirit of the Lithops". He wishes to remain anonymous, so we'll just call him "The Lithops Sculptor".

"Spirit of the Lithops" by the Lithops Sculptor
I'm very happy to see my favorite denizens of the plant world inspiring art in kids. I may have to try a Lithops sculpture myself....


  1. Great Lithops sculpture. I'd love to have one in my garden. Well done!
    -Alicia D.

  2. The Lithops Sculptor says thanks!