Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Cryptkeeper Regenerates, and a Cameo by Opuntia

Do you remember my crumpled and wrinkly Argyroderma, the one I dubbed the "Cryptkeeper"? Well, I followed the advice of my alert readers, and did not overwater it to make it plump up again. After a few months, and only monthly waterings, Argy is regenerating.

You can see the tiny new leaf pair in the cleft. So thank you, good readers, and Argy thanks you, too.
On my walks this week, I've seen so many plants come into bloom. Spring has sprung, and my camera is busy. Here's a wild Opuntia in bloom. We call it "The Prickly Pear", but the fruits are only tasty after the glochids (tiny needles) have been removed...otherwise, that's one scary dessert!

Have a great weekend, and happy gardening.


  1. Love it when they start to regenerate - so cool to watch! Whist yours are splitting, one of my Lithops has started to bloom & today I first noticed it stick its flower spike/tongue out. So cute! :) Totally agree with you re. the prickly pear fruit! Needles are so small & fine, & just to fussy for impatient/clumsy me to eat - sheesh!

  2. I know, those glochids keep me from growing Opuntias- I only have one in my garden and the glochids are obvious and easy to avoid.
    Glad your Lithops are blooming, isn't it cheerful?