Monday, June 25, 2012

Audrey's Odd Flower

Perhaps because we are solidly mired in Tropical Storm Debby, and there's been no sun for awhile, Audrey's flower sort of bloomed...oddly. But she's still cute, and I had to take a "glamour shot" (cuz' hey, there's not much to do on the weekend when you're sitting  in the middle of a tropical storm!)....
I guess that's called making the best of it! And some local rabbits came to visit us, taking shelter in backyard gardens from the high winds and rain along the river:
They found some nice mint, thyme, and basil in my garden, there's lots to share this time of year.
Hope the weather's treating you all well, and Debby exits sooner rather than later!


  1. Lol! Oh no, all the rain has made her hair gone curly! But how pretty does she look with that new blonde do? :-)

  2. Well, actually, for a defective flower, the "flower that never bloomed"--it looks pretty good! I think she went a little overboard with the bleach/perm....

  3. Cute bunny! Real modern looking flowerhead! LOL!

  4. Ah, modern, Audrey is just ahead of her time! ;-)

  5. The flower has its special beauty. :) A piece of art it is.

    Cute bunny, too ;)

  6. Thank you, Rika, I feel I failed somehow with Audrey, but your comment cheered me up!