Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prototype Cactus Pot in Red

Here's the prototype for some earthenware pots for cacti. The little Ferocactus latispinus seems to like it. Do you see what it's posing with?? The Devil's Backbone! So of course it's happy, isolated in its new pot from the Kalanchoe Fatale.

I'm not sure about the accents in blue, they are made with an opalescent glaze called Bluebell, but I'm not crazy about it. So the next batch of pots are either plain, or accented with a glaze called Aztec Turquoise, which is a matte green/blue and very subtle. The blue here just sort of pops too much. The aged look is done by rolling the red clay on a mat that's just had buff clay rolled on it. I don't know what I think of the "weathering effect", the next batch does not have it....

I'll blog on the next batch in a week or so and you all can give me your opinions.


  1. Hi! I love it! I think it looks great, but you already know my thoughts on your Lithopots. I think that the earthenware is a beautiful primary colour and any colour as an accent would work great, and the blue glaze looks lovely. Other colours I think would work very well are white, dark brown, yellow and red, my thoughts anyway. The little Ferocactus latispinus does look dangerously happy in it, and I think the Devil's Backbone looks pretty happy in the wild as well! :-)

  2. Thank you-- I'm glad you like them, I'm always very critical of my prototypes, but in the end, perhaps that helps to improve them. Your kind comments are really helpful!

  3. No worries Marla. Thank you for sharing your talent. They really are beautiful objects. You've inspired me to learn how to make pots of my own. I'll try to be creative, and will post up photos when it happens. Have you seen these pots before? I'm not sure if they're hand made, but the texture's beautiful! http://www.flickr.com/photos/insori/5358429943/

  4. Those pots look great! They are from somewhere in Asia? It's hard to tell if they are factory-made or made at a ceramics workshop. I'm glad I inspired you to try ceramics, it's fascinating, and a good hobby for people who like to combine the creative/aesthetic and the technical.