Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sea Turtle Day!

Today I'm going to be giving a talk at my local library about sea turtle conservation. Mostly some fun facts about our local turtles, who are nesting now, and advice on how to stop tourists from messing with the nests. Also a plea to pick up plastic trash, which our loggerheads eat and choke on, or starve to death from, having tummies full of trash instead of good food. Bringing a bunch of books, bumper stickers, and my own signature loggerhead painting, hope it goes well!

Can't think of a connection between loggerheads and lithops, except the letter "l", and the fact that they're both amazing species that need good caretaking in our fast-changing world.... What are some of your favorite amazing creatures, apart from Lithops??


  1. Hope your talk went well! Both turtles and Lithops can live to very old age if properly cared for. How lucky you are to have local turtles, they sure are cute and funny creatures! Aye ayes and tarsiers are pretty incredible! :-)

  2. Oh, I'd love to see an aye-aye or tarsier in the wild! And yes, the talk went well, mostly kids, and they were really into saving sea turtles, very kind and enthusiastic bunch.