Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dorothy Blooms!

It can be hard to explain to people who aren't into gardening how exciting a new bloom in the garden can be...and I'm really excited! This is the first Lithops bloom I've seen live and in person. Wow! What amazing little creatures. The bud was salmon pink, but the flower is yellow on the inside, so the petals are two-toned.
 The flower opens only in the evening. I thought it would open in strong sunshine, but I was wrong. I suppose the pollinators for L. dorotheae come out in the evening? The flower has no perfume that I can detect, but it could well have some odor not detectable by humans.
 PS: Audrey is still taking her time, she's a slow and cautious gal.


  1. So I guess you are now 100x more into Succulents! You know, the fun is to get them, grow them and have them flower for you, add another 20% if it is your own seedlings. It is fun and nice to see friends faces when meeting these! Congrats! LT

  2. Thanks! And yes, growing my own mesembs from seeds is definitely coming up. I wanted to try the "misc. cacti" first to see if I could handle it. So far, they're doing well, mesembs are next!

  3. She's a cheerful girl. Get the suitors lined up ;-)