Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grow, Seedlings, Grow!

These are a few of the seedlings from a bag of "mixed cacti" seeds I planted on May 3. It was a home science project, I guess you could say. The seeds were soooo tiny, but those of you who do this sort of thing regularly know all about that! And you're probably a lot better at sowing them than I obviously was....But hey, they're growing, and have the cutest baby spines. I've never seen cacti seedlings before, so this is a lot of fun for me. So far, only one tiny spot of mold off in a corner, easy to remove, no other problems. I'm starting to give them more light and air, and I spray them twice a day with a water mister. No idea what genus/species I've got here yet, hope there are some of my favorites, the Lovely Mammillaria!


  1. Good luck with this brood Marla. Hope the seedlings all grow big and strong. I hope you find some nice Mammillaria in there as well. Those teeny tiny spikes are cute, in a cacti baby kinda way. Lol. :o)

    1. I was pretty amazed to see baby spines appear at such an early stage, probably just 3 days after the seedling surfaced. Only about 1/3 have them. I'll try for some closer views.